The Walrus Bunny is an Arctic Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It is available for purchase from McFluffin's Market for 1350 Star . It can be obtained from level 20 and up.


It really isn't nice to call these proud creatures "Walrus Bunnies" just because they have tusks and whiskers, live on slabs of sea ice, eat mollusks, hang around with real walruses, and listen to their music, tend to vote on a bloc with the walrus coalition, and always check the "Occupation: Walrus" box on their tax forms.
~ In-Game Manual


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(It comes in 2 variants.)

Breeding Guide

Breeding Time: This bunny takes 1 day 1 hour to breed.

  • Chinchilly Bunny + Chinchilly Bunny
  • Chinchilly Bunny + Seafoam Bunny
  • Chinchilly Bunny + Shark Bunny
  • Fjord Bunny + Snowflake Bunny
  • Fjord Bunny + Walrus Bunny
  • Moon Bunny + Chinchilly Bunny


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