Some rooms we built together.

Bunny Church is presided over by Wevwund Wildebeest. His slight speech impediment is looked upon with affection by his bunny flock. The Catholics are served by Father Fjord and Rabbit Roadrunner has a small but loyal following.


The gang from the Grasslands hangs out and rests up in their own room in the burrow that is comfortably outfitted with beanbags and beds in colors that make them feel right at home.


Tropical bunnies can visit and lounge and make sure to get re-hydrated before freshening up in their adjoining bath and heading back to the gem mines or the dance floor. 



        Mountain bunnies need four things: lots of food, lots of rest, quality exercise and good friends! They get them all in their special retreat in the burrow! 


Once in a while the younger bunnies escape to the garden, dig where they aren't supposed to, eat unripened fruit and just generally misbehave.  This calls for a Time Out to remind them to listen to the grown up bunnies!