Welcome to my Blog Post, and thank you for at least reading this far. :3!  

Tiger Bunnies ~  

These Bunnies would be well, ginger, as a tiger, with black marking, of a tiger. It would have long, but floppy ears, and a fluffy white tail. They would be as hard to obtain as a frog bunny, and they would almost as good as a miner of the miner '49er. They would cost around 250 stars, and they're energy runs out pretty fast. They also come in the colors of white the white tiger. 

They're description would be: 

"Everyone thinks they know all about the tiger bunny. Due to the big, meat-eating, short-eared ones. But that's what annoys the tiger bunny the most. NO, they don't eat meat, or do they hunt down the prey of a tiger, and no, they don't know why they have long floppy ears instead of small, round ones, just let it go, okay?"