My dust bunny is sensible and named Harmony. She likes calm dark colours for effect.
Diming room

Dust bunny room.

. My frog bunny is careful and likes bright oranges and reds-a tropical paradise!

Frog bunny tropical paradise!

. A sun bunny is strong and organised in my burrow. They are often picked for mining.
File:Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 2.06.57 PM.png
My cactus bunnies are relaxed. They like exercising with their friends.
Random bunny pic

Cactus bunny exercising room

. Pumpkin bunnies like golds and dark oranges. They are very good helpers too!

Pumpkin bunnies like to help harvest with dust bunnies.

. A moon bunny needs serious house training. Give it a blue luxury bedroom THEN let it out.
Blue bedroom

Moon bunny. Room

to be continued!