Their numbers dwindling after years of overwork and predation by Vermicious 'Knids,Miner Bunnies have sought refuge wherever possible. Your Tunnel Town burrow happens to be the ideal location for a few of them to step off the crazy treadmill and just relax. A time to look at their lives holistically, you know? Give some thought to the big picture. Mabye it`s time for them to consider a new line of work? Follow your dreams, Miner Bunny!

Miner `49er bunnys are one of the rarest bunnys on Tunnel town, and can be breeded by two mountain bunnys. They have either a yellow and blue or misty blue apperance. They have big bushy brown mustaches! They have the same build as a mountain bunny, and they are a mountain bunny type. They can be obtained from level 10 and up. Other ways to breed them are with a Snail+mountain, Snail+ Snail, and Miner`49er bunny + any bunny. If you have any more breeding combinations please comment below! Thanks!
IMG 5290

Possible way to breed a Miner `49er bunny