This article talks about bunnys that should come to Tunnel Town or maybe will in the future. You may be searching for something else.

Her is a short list of bunnies that I think should come to Tunnel Town:

Rain Bunnies

Volcano Bunnies

Cloud Bunnies

A Rain bunny would come in either light or dark blue (similar to the color of the blue-gray Miner bunny) and get darker at the bottom. It would be available for something around 700 stars and could be breeded by a Snowflake and a Seafoam or a Wildflower bunny and a Seafoam, and take 24 to 25 hours to breed. 

It would be about as rare as a Jackalope bunny and would have cute little raindrops following it around like a Snowflake! It would probably be a sea type bunny.

A Volcano bunny would be either orange or red and would be a desert type.  It would be available for a little more then a Rain bunny and could be breeded by a Sun bunny and a Lion bunny. The chances are pretty small like a Rain bunny, but it will burn up the heat in your burrow!

A Cloud bunny would be a Mountain type bunny and it could be breeded with a Mountain and a Chinchilly bunny and is a little less rarer than a Volcano and looks like a Chinchilly. It is VERY fluffy, like a cloud! The chances are a little more great to get one; it takes about 14 hours to breed!

Keep in mind that these bunnys do not exist in Tunnel Town. They may in the future, but not at the moment so unless the breeding combination has good bunnys it is pointless to try to breed one of these bunnys. Please comment below if you have more ideas for new bunnys!

A cloud bunny would look like this.