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  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is helping the environment, reading, drawing, etc.
  • Alder the bunny

    Gems are easier to get and use than stars. Gems, you can mine and get by completing goals, and spend them on furniture, food, and some bunnies! Small Goals give you small amounts of gems, big goals give you large amounts, and really big goals that take a long time, like collect 1000 bugs or something, give you stars. Here are some gems you can mine! Sapphire(blue)Emerald(green) Ruby(red)and Diamond, which is white. You can place one bunny on a Sapphire, two on Emerald, three on Ruby and four on Diamond. Stars are harder to get. You can use them to buy some furniture, purple carrots and most bunnies. The most expensive thing that costs stars is the Albino bunny same with angler. On some goals you can win stars BUT those goals usually take…

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  • Alder the bunny

    This article talks about bunnys that should come to Tunnel Town or maybe will in the future. You may be searching for something else.

    Her is a short list of bunnies that I think should come to Tunnel Town:

    Rain Bunnies

    Volcano Bunnies

    Cloud Bunnies

    A Rain bunny would come in either light or dark blue (similar to the color of the blue-gray Miner bunny) and get darker at the bottom. It would be available for something around 700 stars and could be breeded by a Snowflake and a Seafoam or a Wildflower bunny and a Seafoam, and take 24 to 25 hours to breed. 

    It would be about as rare as a Jackalope bunny and would have cute little raindrops following it around like a Snowflake! It would probably be a sea type bunny.

    A Volcano bunny would be either oran…

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  • Alder the bunny

    Gems and stars

    August 16, 2014 by Alder the bunny

    Gems and Stars are what you use to buy things. The fastest way to get gems is to mine for them. When you first start Tunnel Town, Peck will tell you how to do so. The following types of gems are:





    To mine gems, place a bunny on it. The bunny will immediatly start to mine!  Each type of gem gives you a certain limit on how much your bunny can mine. Once in a while, a gem will pop up above it. Collect it and you will get gems! When the bunny has mined the limit, it will read a book and wait for you to collect the gems. You can put one bunny on the sapphire, two one the emerald, three on the Ruby, and four on the Diamond. You can also get certain amounts of money by completing goals!

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  • Alder the bunny

    Miner 49er bunny

    August 15, 2014 by Alder the bunny

    Their numbers dwindling after years of overwork and predation by Vermicious 'Knids,Miner Bunnies have sought refuge wherever possible. Your Tunnel Town burrow happens to be the ideal location for a few of them to step off the crazy treadmill and just relax. A time to look at their lives holistically, you know? Give some thought to the big picture. Mabye it`s time for them to consider a new line of work? Follow your dreams, Miner Bunny!

    Miner `49er bunnys are one of the rarest bunnys on Tunnel town, and can be breeded by two mountain bunnys. They have either a yellow and blue or misty blue apperance. They have big bushy brown mustaches! They have the same build as a mountain bunny, and they are a mountain bunny type. They can be obtained fro…

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