The Plymouth Coney Bunny is an Autumn Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It was formerly available for purchase from McFluffin's Market for 700 Star . It can be obtained from level [level] and up.


Justly proud of their ancestors' role in American history, these bunnies will talk for hours about the famous rabbits of Plymouth Rock, who taught the pilgrim settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony how to farm and survive their first winter in the New World.
~ In-Game Manual


The Plymouth Coney Bunny, like most other bunnies, comes in two variants. One is a smooth tan color, while the other is a dark oak color. They both wear pure black pilgrim hats with a golden lace on the brim of the hat attached with a shiny gold belt buckle. They also have a white choker around their necks.

Breeding Guide

Breeding Time: This bunny takes 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes to breed.

  • Autumn Bunny + Gobbler Bunny


  • They are seasonal and come in November.
  • The proud rabbits of the Plymouth variety will only dance with others of their kind. Can you imagine? In this day and age? No wonder there are so few of them. - Tunnel Town