The Narwhal Bunny is a bunny that can be obtained from Level 30 or higher. You can get it from the Dance Floor (check the Breeding Guide page sooner or later) it takes 20 hours to breed or you can get it from McFluffin's Market for 2,250 Star .


You might suppose that the Narwhal Rabbit evolved its distinctive horn as a means of protecting itself, right? However if you press gently on the tip of the thing you'll find it telescopes into itself like a radio antenna. The poor Narwhal Rabbit couldn't stab a gumdrop with it. You have to wonder why nature even bothered evolving a collapsible horn. Would a solid, stabby horn really have been that much more work?
~ In game manual

Breeding Guide

The Narwhal Bunny can also be bred using the Dance Floor with the combinations of:

  • Fjord and a Chinchilly Bunny
  • Fjord and a Snowflake Bunny
  • Narwhal and any Bunny
  • Fjord and Walrus Bunny


Narwhals have been available since the beginning of the game, and are still available today. They come in the colors of light blue with dark spots and a lighter face and legs, or dark blue with a lighter face and legs.


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