The Moon Bunny is an Ocean Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It is available for purchase from McFluffin's Market for 125 Star . It can be obtained from level 8 and up.


Ah, the Moon bunny. Dreamer, poet, household menace. They don't like to talk about, but around the burrow it's well known that most kitchen fires, bathtub floods, lawnmower accidents, downed power lines, and catastrophic meteor strikes are caused by inattentive Moon bunnies.
~ In-Game Manual


It has a dark blue appearance with either yellow or white moon shaped spots. It comes in 2 variants.

Breeding Guide

Breeding Time: This bunny takes 9 hours 59 minutes to breed. (approximately 10 hours)

  • Sun Bunny + Seafoam Bunny
  • Seafoam Bunny+ Mountain Bunny


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