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If you notice your Gobbler is slow to integrate into the chatty culture of your burrow, it is probably because the other bunnies can't understand what it's saying. The Gobbler language is unique in the rabbit world. It's not Rabbitene, which all species speak; nor is it the more formal antiquated Harish. it's just.... Gobbler.

Seansonal: Autumn

Autumn comes first to the Mountains and Desert, and from Autumn comes a harvest of Plymouth Conies and Gobbler Bunnies. These varieties only appear in November, though -- so catch them while you can!

Gobbler 2
Gobbler 1

Appearance and Cost

Gobbler bunnies come in 2 variants. They are black/brown. They have turkey-like tails and a red tassel.

Breeding guide

Gobbler + Gobbler, ?