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No bunny loves liberty and fireworks quite like the Freedom Bunny! Easily spotted with their bright stars and colorful sparkles, these bunnies are at the heart of any celebration.

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These bunnies come in red and blue, with white stars on their head and all over their body, and trail sparks when walking around. They cost 425 stars in stores.

Breeding Guide

Breeding Time: This bunny takes 1 day 3 hours 29 minutes to breed.

  • Freedom + Freedom
  • Freedom + Any Bunny
  • Shark + Cactus
  • Squid + Cactus
  • Cactus + Moon
  • Roadrunner + Shark
  • Roadrunner + Seafoam
  • Seahorse + Turtle
  • Sun + Moon
  • Dust + Moon
  • Seafoam + Cactus