The Cupid Bunny is a Love Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It is available for purchase from McFluffin's Market for 1200 Star . It can be obtained from level [level] and up.


The Cupid Bunny is a crack organizer. It’s not easy to lure and cajole bunnies into appropriate locations to be shot with arrows of desire, and have their hearts set aflutter. Hailing from the chaotic Love Land, however, Cupids are uniquely up to the task. The only bunnies that they cannot seem to wrangle is the elusive Albino breed, and consequently they are obsessed with them.
~ In-Game Manual


The cupid bunny is white/red and has brown eyes. It has angel-like wings and holds a bow and arrow. (It comes in 2 variants.)

Breeding Guide

Breeding Time: This bunny takes 1 days 9 hours 59 minutes to breed.

  • Chinchilly Bunny + Cactus Bunny


  • Seasonal:Love
  • The white cupid bunny's egg is completely white except for a red heart in the middle.


You won’t find Love Land on any map, and you should be grateful for that. Sure, it’s a magical place but contrary to popular belief, it is anything but peaceful. Even the calmest moments feel like being backstage at a runway show… in short, mayhem. Love Land is where the sausage of the heart gets made, where the magic is created behind the curtains so that when love does appear, we can all marvel at its majesty. 

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