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Bunnies are the source of the game, Tunnel Town, and there are many types of them. They can be bought at McFluffin's Market, or bred with the Dance Floor. They will work for you when you place them on Gems, you can place them on interactable furniture, and will run around the burrow when they are free and unoccupied.


Bunnies have levels, and must be level 4 to dance. To level them up, you can feed them food that you have grown or bought. As you feed your hungry bunnies, there will be another bar at the top. That represents the XP your bunnies has and will rise, but not as quickly as your hunger bar. One way to get them is to breed with the Dance Floor. A guide of breeding combinations: Breeding Guide


  • Only 30 bunnies can be placed in a user's burrow.
  • Bunnies must be Level 4 and above to breed.

List of Bunnies

Icons Bunnies Type Price *Breedable?
Dust Bunny (Icon) Dust Bunny Desert Icon 250 Gems Yes
Prairie Bunny (Icon) Prairie Bunny Grassland Icon 500 Gems Yes
Mountain Bunny (Icon) Mountain Bunny Mountain Icon 1000 Gems Yes
Chinchilly Bunny (Icon) Chinchilly Bunny Arctic Icon 2000 Gems Yes
Seafoam Bunny (Icon) Seafoam Bunny Ocean Icon 3000 Gems Yes
Bunny of Paradise (Icon) Bunny of Paradise Tropical Icon 4000 Gems Yes
Sprout Bunny (Icon) Sprout Bunny Garden Icon 5000 Gems Yes
Sun Bunny (Icon) Sun Bunny Desert Icon 10 Star Yes
Snail Bunny (Icon) Snail Bunny Mountain Icon 25 Star Yes
Leopard Bunny (Icon) Leopard Bunny Grassland Icon 30 Star Yes
Zebra Bunny (Icon) Zebra Bunny Grassland Icon 50 Star Yes
Snowflake Bunny (Icon) Snowflake Bunny Arctic Icon 50 Star Yes
Moon Bunny (Icon) Moon Bunny Ocean Icon 125 Star Yes
Frog Bunny (Icon) Frog Bunny Tropical Icon 150 Star Yes
Cactus Bunny (Icon) Cactus Bunny Desert Icon 200 Star Yes
Rosebud Bunny (Icon) Rosebud Bunny Garden Icon 200 Star ?
[icon] Mouse Bunny Mountain Icon 225 Star Yes
[icon] Lion Bunny Grassland Icon 300 Star Yes
[icon] Shark Bunny Ocean Icon 350 Star Yes
[icon] Butterfly Bunny Tropical Icon 400 Star Yes
[icon] Skunk Bunny Grassland Icon 400 Star ?
[icon] Rooster Bunny Grassland Icon 400 Star Yes
[icon] Roadrunner Bunny Desert Icon 425 Star ?
[icon] Wildflower Bunny Grassland Icon 425 Star ?
[icon] Fjord Bunny Arctic Icon ? ?
[icon] Turtle Bunny Desert Icon 450 Star Yes
[icon] Squid Bunny Ocean Icon 500 Star Yes
Goat Bunny (Icon) Goat Bunny Mountain Icon 525 Star ?
[icon] Wildebeest Bunny Grassland Icon 550 Star Yes
Bee Bunny Icon Bee Bunny Garden Icon 650 Star Yes
Beetle Bunny (Icon) Beetle Bunny Tropical Icon 750 Star Yes
[icon] Fox Bunny Arctic Icon ? ?
Gnome Bunny (Icon) Gnome Bunny Garden Icon 900 Star Yes
[icon] Jackalope Bunny Desert Icon 1200 Star ?
[icon] Cupid Bunny (Seasonal: Love) ? ?
[icon] Walrus Bunny Arctic Icon ? Yes
[icon] Chameleon Bunny Tropical Icon 1400 Star Yes
[icon] Chinese Dragon Bunny Arctic Icon 1500 Star ?
[icon] Miner '49er Mountain Icon 1500 Star ?
[icon] Toucan Bunny Tropical Icon 1750 Star Yes
Narwhal Bunny (Icon) Narwhal Bunny Arctic Icon 2250 Star Yes
Angler Bunny (Icon) Angler Bunny Ocean Icon 2500 Star ?
Albino Bunny (Icon) Albino Bunny Grassland Icon 2500 Star ?


Icons Bunnies Type Price *Breedable?
Autumn Bunny (Icon) Autumn Bunny Autumn Icon 5000 Gems Yes
[icon] Candy Stripe Bunny (Seasonal: Midwinter) ? ?
Dinosaur Bunny (Icon) Dinosaur Bunny Mountain Icon 1200 Star Yes
[icon] Elf Bunny (Seasonal: Midwinter) 25 Star ?
[icon] Founder Bunny Mountain Icon [Unknown] Unknown
[icon] Franken Bunny (Seasonal - Halloween) ? ?
[icon] Freedom Bunny Desert Icon ? ?
[icon] Frosty Bunny (Seasonal: Midwinter) ? ?
[icon] Gobbler Bunny Autumn Icon ? ?
[icon] Ladybug Bunny Garden Icon ? ?
[icon] Luck Bunny (Seasonal: Luck) ? ?
[icon] Plymouth Coney Bunny Autumn Icon 700 Star ?
[icon] Pumpkin Bunny (Seasonal: Halloween) 10000 Gems ?
[icon] Seahorse Bunny Ocean Icon ? Yes
[icon] Unicorn Bunny (Seasonal - Halloween) ? No
[icon] Vampire Bunny (Seasonal - Halloween) ? ?
[icon] Witch Bunny (Seasonal - Halloween) ? ?

*Breedable: Bunnies that are able to breed with any other bunny. The contrary would intend to mean Bunnies that are only able to breed with that of the same breed and/or that of the same type.

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