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• 2/8/2015

Breeding combos

So...um yeah. Hi guys! I'm the weird underage kid. Not thirteen yet, and my sister won't let me user her account to post anything. Anyways, hope this post doesn't get deleted. I have found several breeding combos, which I can't add to the wiki for some weird reason.

Chinese dragon (Cannot breed.) -Walrus+Wildebeast (Hope I spelt that right.) -Leopard+Narwhal

Cupid bunny -Prairie+Turtle (I really can't remember, if prairie doesn't work, please try chinchilly.)


I honestly can't remember the combo, but try wildflower (The midnight blue one, I can't remember it's other colour.) and some other rare bunny. Keep swapping. Remember to keep in the wildflower bunny.

If this gets deleted, I ask that someone who is hopefully not underage (Wow, I hate being judged by my age. Oh well.) will post this thing on the breeding chart. Thanks guys :3 have a great day!

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• 2/8/2015

Oh, and for the Christmas seasonal bunnies, all of them will be available by breeding two candy cane bunnies. Enjoy! If anyone needs any combos, feel free to ask >< I have no life so I record these things...and pray that I don't get banned. (Seriously? I swear, I'm not immature or anything.)

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