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• 5/16/2014

Miner 49er

Good lawd I cannot hatch this Bunny. 

Between my two dance floors I've tried a total of 39 times. 

It's the LAST Bunny I have to hatch..

I've tried two Mountain, Mountain & Snail (both sides, both music). All Level 6.

I keep getting a mountain or snail. Sigh. Anyone else have trouble as well? Certainly 39 times is unusual.. o.o

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• 6/3/2014

How annoying! This is certainly one of the hardest to hatch, I think it's pretty rare. The angler bunny is ridiculous, I think it took me about 50 times (although, I didn't count, so I don't actually know, but it took forever!) I think the the angler takes like 36 hours to be ready too, ugh!

Good luck with that Miner 49er!

• 6/28/2014

Miner and Angler both took a LONG time for me. But TOUCAN was worse! Then when I finally got one...BAM I got two more real fast! It just happens like that I guess. I was so frustrated I wanted to grow purple carrots in the back yard fer cryin out loud! Hang in there. Let us know how you are doing. :-)

• 9/5/2015
I have no idea
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